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Express Transmissions is proud of our service. We stand behind our work and offer a nationwide 3-year/100,000-mile warranty on all our Certified Transmission Remanufactured Transmissions that greatly surpasses standard warranties.

Nationwide Coverage For Remanufactured Transmissions

Express Transmissions is a proud authorized distributor of remanufactured transmissions from Certified Transmission in Omaha NE. This partnership means your warranty extends nationwide as long as repairs are made at a Certified Transmission partner across the US. Give us a call first here at Express Transmissions, and we can route you to your nearest Certified Transmissions partner.

The Limited Warranty covers your transmission and torque converter against defective transmission materials. As long as you stick to the maintenance schedule we provide, the warranty will always be honored at our garage and any shop we have preauthorized to take care of your vehicle. Some charges, exclusions, and limitations apply to the service agreement. This Limited Warranty does not cover replacement fluids or other substances.

Local Warranty For Rebuilt Transmissions

Our rebuilt transmissions are installed with a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty.

Be sure to read your Express Transmissions Warranty to fully understand all of your rights and any other restrictions that apply.

Express Transmissions Warranty is not transferable.

Exclusions & Limitations to Limited Warranty

This Limited Warranty does not warrant against and does not cover damage or loss due to the following:

  • Misuse, maintenance neglect, abuse, vandalism, abnormal operation, commercial snow removal or accidents
  • Defective or improper installation
  • Environmental conditions, overheating or freeze cracks
  • Lack of, or use of improper lubricants or fluids
  • Improper cooling system, or cooler flushing
  • Abnormal wear and tear or use of a remanufactured transmission or part from which it was originally intended or a change from the original application
  • Modification with aftermarket performance parts
  • Broken shafts, cases, or springs
  • Use of non-approved transmission tuning

At Express Transmissions, we stand behind our work and if there is any question, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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