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servicesHere at Express Transmissions, we specialize in transmission repair. However, we also offer as wide a range of services.

  • Tune-Ups: Whether your vehicle has a noticeable issue or not it’s a very good idea to take your vehicle in for regular tune-ups. We’ll inspect your entire car, checking factors like your fluid levels, tire pressure, brakes, windshield wipers and engine for warning signs of future problems.
  • Lube: Without proper lubrication, your engine will seize up or overheat, but that’s just one of the many important functions lubricating oils perform in relation to your vehicle. There are many different kinds of lubricants, everything from transmission lubricant to brake and hydraulic fluids, and each of them has a key part to play in maintaining the longevity and continued functionality of your vehicle. We’ll ensure that your vehicle has enough lubricant and that leaking is not occurring.
  • Oil Filters: As described above, lubricating oils play a huge role in preserving the health of your car, but oil filters are just as important. If the lubricating oil in your vehicle is full of contaminants that could eventually turn it from a help into a hazard. Your vehicle’s oil filter works to keep the lubricating oils traveling throughout your vehicle pure, ensuring their effectiveness. We’ll make sure your oil filter isn’t overly worn or ineffective.
  • Transmission Services: Your transmission supplies your vehicle’s wheels with power from the engine. Based upon the current conditions of the road and your driving preferences it is able to tailor the amount of power that the wheels receive. Transmissions can run into a number of issues, like a transmission fluid leak or a worn out filter. Whatever the issue with yours might be, we’re ready and waiting to fix it. Check out our Complete Guide To Transmission Repair.
  • Complete Brake Services: Ideally your brakes should correspond to your wishes. They should be able to stop your vehicle on a dime or bring it to a gradual stop. However, as your brakes, and the components associated with them, become worn out through usage and the passage of time they’ll gradually become less effective, putting you at risk. We’ll get your brakes, and the system associated with them, working perfectly again.
  • Struts, Shocks and Wheel Bearings: Shock absorbers like struts, shocks and wheel bearings transfer weight throughout your vehicle and ensure that it can stand up to the challenges of the road. If yours are damaged your vehicle’s handling will decline and your wheels might even blow out.
  • Radiator, Heating and AC: The heating and cooling systems in your car help to keep you comfortable all year long, but they also have safety applications, like defogging your windows and making sure your vehicle doesn’t overheat. Problems with these elements can make driving in your car uncomfortable during overly warm or cold days and also put you and your vehicle at risk.
  • 4WD, Differentials and Transfer Cases: 4WD systems provide greater traction and power, but they’re also more complex than most of the other drive systems available. That means that there are more factors at play with a 4WD system, and as such there are more things that can go wrong. Express Transmissions has ample experience working with and repairing 4WD systems. With our help, you won’t have to sacrifice your vehicle’s handling and/or maneuverability.

These are just a few of the many services we provide at Express Transmissions. Stop in today to see what we can do for you.

Express Transmissions, Inc., Transmissions  Automobile, Holland, OH