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Five Warning Signs That Your Vehicle’s Oil Filter Might Be Clogged

The oil filter in your car is not something you may access during the life of the car, but you must be on the lookout for signs that your oil filter is not working properly. The suggestions in this article explain how the oil filter works, how the filter processes oil and what you will notice as you drive your car.

Car servicing, replacing of motor oil and filter at auto repair

#1: The Performance Suffers

The car will not pick up speed as much as it should, and the accelerator in the car will feel like it is not working properly. You can hear the engine run, but the engine will not perform as it should. Driving like this for a long period of time will damage essential parts of the vehicle.

#2: Sputtering

Sputtering in your car is likely related to a clogged oil filter. The oil filter will not release oil as it should, and your car will not be able to keep up with the speed that you want. The sputtering could be very soft, but you will feel the car sputter as you drive down the road. Oil filter repair services will remove the sputter, and you must have the filter repaired before snow falls in Toledo OH.

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#3: Metallic Sounds

A lack of oil in the engine will cause metal to touch metal as the engine works. The metallic sounds you hear coming from the engine are a sign that you must pull over immediately before more damage is done. You need to get the oil filter repaired, and you need to introduce more oil into the system.

#4: Dropping Pressure

You can read the oil pressure gauge on the dash while you are driving, and a precipitous drop in oil pressure should be cause for concern. Your oil pressure will not drop more than a fraction of a percent when you are driving, but you should be concerned when you see the needle falling quickly. The pressure change will cause problems in the car, and you may notice the problems in this article when the pressure drops.

#5: Dirty Exhaust

The exhaust coming out of your car could be black or dirty when your oil filter is clogged, and you will smell the oil burning as it passes into the exhaust pipe. These odors should be alarming to you, and you must bring the car into a shop for assistance as soon as possible. The mechanic can replace the oil filter, fix a clog in the oil system and remove any sludge that has made its way into the car.

You must watch over your car with the five tips listed in this article, and you must bring your car in for oil filter. The filter is very difficult to reach on your own, and you should bring in your car before real damage is done. An oil filter problem will cause problems in your car that could leave lasting damage or even render the car inoperative. Look for these symptoms while you are on the road in Toledo OH.

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Express Transmissions, Inc., Transmissions  Automobile, Holland, OH