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Bill Explains: Car Computers

One of the new things that we have here in what we do that we do today we used to install a late-model transmission that needed the operating system updated or installed into the vehicle, we would have to tow it to the dealer.

Bill Explains: Valve Body Testing

What this piece of equipment does, it removes all the air out of the circuit of the valve body that we’re trying to make sure is repaired. This is a pump and this is a gauge. This creates a vacuum.

Express Transmissions: Do You Have an ABS Light On?

I’m Bill Wilson from Express Transmissions, and I am here to save you from yourself. As we move into the winter months and one of the things that I wish to stress to you is do you have an ABS Light on which is an anti like brake light on?

Bill Explains: Cleaning Transmission Cooler

One of the greatest advancements in technology in the transmission industry and I know something that the guy down on the corner doesn’t have. Your general repair facilities don’t have and we do because we specialize in Transmissions are these transmission lines flushers.

Express Transmissions: Internet Technician

I am Bill Wilson Express Transmissions, and I am here to save you from yourself. Internet technicians. You gotta love them that’s the day and age that we live in today. You’ve got a problem? Google it!

Express Transmissions: What You Should Expect

From the moment you walk into the door at Express Transmissions, what you should be expecting is the cleanliness of the shop and well-organized because today’s transmissions come with over 800 individual parts.

Express Transmissions: Why I Work on Cars

Hello, my name is Bill Wilson. I’m the owner of Express Transmissions. One of the biggest questions that we run across through time is why is it that I do what I do.

Proper Tools for the Job

Transcript I am Bill Wilson with Express Transmissions and I am here to save you from yourself. Back when I started in this business all you needed basically was a pair of┬ápliers a hammer and a crescent wrench and you were a mechanic.┬áThe mechanic and the technicians of today have a lot of investment in […]