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Are you in need of a transmission repair?

The transmissions in today’s vehicles are becoming more and more complex. We’ve evolved from a 5-speed transmission that was the standard for many years to a 6-speed transmission and more recently a 10-speed transmission. Advancements in technology have led the way for this progression and it will only continue at a more rapid pace.

As you’d suspect, this also adds to the complexity of repairs to these transmissions. Automotive technicians need to understand these new transmissions in order to effectively repair them. This produces a challenge for many of the smaller shops that you might be using for your repairs. They simply are unable to keep pace with technology and cannot perform the repair on your transmission like they once did.

Transmission repair

So, how do you choose the right automotive repair shop to get you back on the road, worry free?

The last thing you want to face after having your transmission repaired is another issue that strands you on the side of the road on the way to a big meeting or your kid’s soccer game. Not only does that cause a major interruption in your day, but it also means you’re facing another trip back to get your transmission back in working order.

There are lots of choices out there when it comes to having your transmission repaired. As with most products and services, there are different levels of solutions that provide different levels of value. Express Transmissions is proud to offer both the “Better” and “Best” solutions listed below. We are not stating anything negative about the shops offering “Good” level of transmission repair. We simply align best with customers looking for a quality repair who also recognize this quality repair with a premium warranty cannot be offered at the same price as the Value or “Good” option.

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The choice is yours and yours alone. If you are in need of a transmission repair and feel you align well with the Better or Best options outlined above, we want to help you. Call us at 419-861-8118 or complete the form below to schedule your appointment to get back on the road, worry free.