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Symptoms of a Transmission Problem

Maintaining a vehicle is similar to maintaining a body.

If something goes wrong with your health, you see a doctor. Similarly, a vehicle that acts up should be taken to an automotive professional for assistance.

If you notice any of the indications of a transmission issue as noted below, it is time to have your transmission inspected and possibly repaired.

Here are the top signs of a problem with a vehicle’s transmission.

Do You Smell Something Burning?

If you smell something burning when operating your vehicle, it is not a good sign! It might indicate a problem with the transmission or another aspect of the vehicle. However, in most instances, this odor is an indication the transmission fluid has overheated.

Gears That Grind

If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission and notice a grinding noise or feel grinding when changing gears, it is a sign the clutch is worn out. The clutch is essential to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission so have it repaired right away.

Grinding gears is also an indication a transmission synchronizer has worn out or become damaged. Those who drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission might notice a rough shifting as opposed to the usual transition between gears that produces no noticeable noise or stimulation.

Clunking and Whining

If your vehicle makes such noises when you start it, have the issue assessed by an automotive professional. There might also be a buzzing or humming noise stemming from the transmission as well.

Do not shrug off this noise and assume it will go away in due time. Bring your vehicle to an auto shop for a repair so you don’t end up with an even more costly problem.

Leaking Fluid

Fluid that leaks is one of the most common signs of a transmission problem. The best way to pinpoint where the leak is coming from is to place a couple pieces of cardboard down when the vehicle is parked.

Slide out the pieces to determine where the leak is. Share your findings with your automotive service professional.

Minimal Response

Late model transmissions are designed to allow an instantaneous switching of gears.

If the response is delayed and it does not do what you desire right away, bring your vehicle to an auto shop for analysis and repair.

Issues in Neutral

Does your vehicle make noises when in neutral? If so, it is a sign the transmission requires attention. Thankfully, this issue can often be remedied with a replacement of the transmission fluid.

If you still hear noises stemming from the transmission when it is in neutral, bring the vehicle to your mechanic for a comprehensive analysis.

Dashboard Lights That Illuminate

If you see the “Service Engine Soon” light illuminated, there is a chance the problem is tied to the transmission. Regardless, such an illuminated dashboard light is cause for concern. Bring your vehicle to the auto shop for immediate attention.

Neglect the Signs of a Transmission Problem and You Will Pay the Price

If you notice any of the signs outlined above, do not continue to drive your vehicle and assume it will respond as it should.

Have your vehicle inspected right away so it does not end up malfunctioning while you are on the road.

Even if you hear or feel even a minor abnormality, do not assume the problem will automatically go away.

Have the problem addressed now and you will have you the confidence you need to take to the road without hesitation. If you’re looking for help with your car or transmission, give us a call at Express Transmissions today.

Express Transmissions, Inc., Transmissions  Automobile, Holland, OH