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Transmission Service

As you might surmise from our name, the employees of Express Transmissions have a great deal of experience with and knowledge of transmission services. A vehicle’s transmission helps to shift power from the engine to the wheels, playing a large role in the regulation of the overall driving experience. The system takes various factors into account, including your gear and speed, to ensure that it is able to supply a proportional amount of power. It’s easy to imagine how devastating transmission-related difficulties could be to the overall health of your car, and potentially to the driver it contains. As such, it is extremely important to take your vehicle in for inspections on a regular basis. If there is an issue with your transmission you’ll want it cleared up as quickly as possible, before the problem is allowed to compound.

Here are a few common transmission issues:

Depleted Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid is essential to the continued functionality of your vehicle’s transmission system. This lubricating oil helps to cool the system, preventing it from overheating, while keeping it clean and providing the moving parts with the moisture they need to perform their roles comfortably. Transmission fluid naturally depletes over time, and prolonged usage of your vehicle without it can rapidly destroy your transmission. When you bring your car in for a tune up we’ll check your transmission fluid, making sure that it’s at an adequate level. If it’s not, we’ll fill it up.

Leaking Transmission Fluid: Unfortunately, transmission fluid leaks are all too common. In fact, they’re potentially the most common cause of transmission failure. However, they are also one of the easiest problems to spot. If the leak is serious there’ll likely be evidence in or around your vehicle. If not, simply check your fluid levels. If they’re mysteriously low and you find yourself running out of transmission fluid more often than usual you’ve likely got a problem. If you suspect that your transmission fluid is leaking, visit Express Transmissions as soon as you can. Wait too long and your engine might seize up and simply stop working.

A Faulty or Worn Out Transmission Filter: Transmission filters keep your transmission fluid clean, removing dirt and other potentially harmful contaminants before they’re allowed to infest the transmission system. Letting these elements in can significantly damage upon your transmission. If you need a filter replacement it’s better to get it sooner than later. Express Transmissions can help.

A Troublesome Gear Shift: Your transmission system moderates and regulates gear shifts. Therefore, if you’re having difficulty switching gears it’s likely a transmission-related issue. You might be using the wrong kind of transmission fluid, or perhaps a shift cable might be loose. Whatever the reason might be, Express Transmissions can diagnose and repair the problem in no time.

Express Transmissions, Inc., Transmissions  Automobile, Holland, OH