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Lube, Oil Filter and Tune Up

oil-filterYour car’s engine is its heart. Without it working at peak capacity your vehicle will not be able to function at its optimal level. It may even break down for good. There are a vast number of things that can go wrong with an engine, and because most of us so rarely pop our hoods these issues can go on for weeks or even months without your knowledge. At this point, the damage may be too great to reverse. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to get your vehicle inspected regularly to ensure that your engine is working correctly and that every component which allows it to do so is in place. Here at Express Transmissions we are ready and able to accurately and reliably inspect and repair every element of your engine and every related component. Here are just three of the engine related services we offer.


Lubricant is an extremely important component of any engine. Engine lubricant improves the longevity of the appliance by reducing natural wear on its moving components. It also ensures that the engine does not overheat and significantly reduces the possibility of corrosion. Automatic transmission lubricant keeps your transmission for corroding and helps it to run smoothly. Gearbox lubricant plays a pivotal role in keeping your entire transmission system working effectively. Brake fluid amplifies the effect of braking, ensuring its effectiveness. Finally, hydraulic fluid transfers power, prevents overheating, keeps corrosion at bay and allows all of the components of your hydraulic system to function in an ideal manner. In other words, without lubrication oils and fluids your engine will not be able to function properly for long.

Oil Filters

As their name would imply, oil filters have one main job: to keep the oils which travel throughout your car clean and free of contaminants. We’ve already established the great importance of lubricating oils. However it’s not enough for these oils to simply be present. The presence of contaminated oil can lead to a whole host of major issues, the kind which can dramatically impact or even destroy your car. As such, you must check your oil filter regularly.

Tune Ups

An automotive tune up is similar to a medical checkup in that tune ups are not done when something is wrong in the present but instead to prevent something from being wrong in the future. Tune ups are simply a security measure, a way of guaranteeing the overall health of your vehicle. As such, it’s important to have regular tune ups performed. Wait too long and a problem which could have been caught early might wreak havoc on your vehicle. During a basic tune up we’ll check your oil, filling it if necessary, inspect your tires for ware and air pressure issues, check fluid levels in your transmission, brakes, radiator, power steering and windshield wipers, inspect your battery for warning signs of corrosion and test your brakes to ensure their safety. By the time your vehicle leaves Express Transmissions you’ll know that it’s entirely safe to drive

Express Transmissions, Inc., Transmissions  Automobile, Holland, OH