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How To Fix A Poorly Shifting Transmission

How To Fix A Poorly Shifting Transmission

A transmission that does not shift with ease must be fixed right away. This automotive problem is bad news for your vehicle as well as your nerves. You might be wondering what’s really going on as your transmission’s gears bang and clank.

And of course, the big question…how much is this gonna cost??


Rebuild vs Replace Transmission

Your car’sĀ transmissionĀ is one of its most important components. The transmission is responsible for delivering the power generated by the engine to the wheels. Basically, if your transmission doesn’t work, your car isn’t going to work. Unfortunately, the transmission can also be an expensive fix if anything goes wrong with it. And in some cases, repairing your transmission may not be an option, which means you will have to replace it. However, you have two options when it comes to replacing your transmission — you can replace it with a brand new transmission or you can rebuild the transmission.


Winter Proof Your Car

Winter Proof Your Car Express Transmissions

Winter is here and that means it is time to prepare for three, and in some years five, months of nasty weather and rough driving.

Be proactive this winter by preparing your vehicle for the harsh conditions.


4 Stupid Things People Do To Their Cars

4 Stupid Things People Do To Their Cars Express Transmissions

Ask anyone who works on automobiles about the dumb things people do to their cars and the response will probably be seemingly endless.

People tinker with their vehicles, attempt DIY (do it yourself) repair jobs, try to implement upgrades and do all sorts of other things to their vehicles.


Bill Explains: Car Computers

One of the new things that we have here in what we do that we do today we used to install a late-model transmission that needed the operating system updated or installed into the vehicle, we would have to tow it to the dealer.


Bill Explains: Valve Body Testing

What this piece of equipment does, it removes all the air out of the circuit of the valve body that we’re trying to make sure is repaired.

This is a pump and this is a gauge.

This creates a vacuum.


Express Transmissions: Do You Have an ABS Light On?

I’m Bill Wilson from Express Transmissions, and I am here to save you from yourself.

As we move into the winter months and one of the things that I wish to stress to you is do you have an ABS Light on which is an anti like brake light on?


Bill Explains: Cleaning Transmission Cooler

One of the greatest advancements in technology in the transmission industry and I know something that the guy down on the corner doesn’t have.

Your general repair facilities don’t have and we do because we specialize in Transmissions are these transmission lines flushers.


Express Transmissions, Inc., Transmissions  Automobile, Holland, OH